During the current Covid crisis, Fast Track Computer Training has been offering Virtual Classroom courses on various software to enable our clients to continue their learning. We are pleased to report that our large network of NHS and other corporate clients have put their confidence in us to run these courses ‘virtually’, which were previously conducted in a classroom environment.

Feedback from our training courses has remained at an exceptional standard and this has been our main objective. When setting up our Virtual Classroom, we have striven to offer the same quality of customer experience as attained through our ‘face to face’ training environment.

To assist our clients, we have produced a Guide to Effective Learning in the Virtual Classroom which gives tips and considerations for this new training setting. Additionally, our training team offer short familiarisation sessions as well as instruction guides for Microsoft Teams and Zoom to give our delegates confidence when using these new unfamiliar video conferencing platforms.

We would like to share with you a small selection of the feedback received from the courses we have run over the past few months during lockdown – we have been delighted at the very positive and excellent comments received. We feel that the virtual training environment will be the best solution to IT training in the current climate.

We very much hope that this will give any new or existing clients the confidence in our ability to run these sessions with great results.

Feedback from our Clients …

  • Good interaction, excellent tips and tricks! Even though it was carried out virtually, it was interactive and easy to follow. I actually liked that it was held virtually. Very good structure even when we had to be trained remotely.

  • Well organised, learnt very useful skills, related to NHS

  • How easy it was to do this course remotely. No complications throughout the day. It was very interactive, engaging and insightful. Learnt a lot during the day. I liked the fact that the trainer was willing to take any questions/queries while she was teaching.

  • Considering the adaptation to be able to run this course as on on-line live course through Microsoft Teams, there really wasn’t anything that needed improving.

  • I think all subject areas were covered in good detail. The manual was emailed to us straight after the training session, really helpful reference.

  • Covered so much content and trainer was 10/10 with explanation. The fact that it was delivered on-line actually made it a lot easier. Also, the fact that you had to participate and put everything you were learning into practice right away.

  • Very useful and well presented under the current circumstances.

  • It was very well led. The trainer was always happy to answer any questions raised by attendees and made sure that everyone understood before moving on. She also managed to keep us on track to ensure that she covered the course by the end of the days session.

  • The pacing was great – not too fast when learning about and navigating around new areas of excel

  • The course was delivered well and to be able to view the screen on TEAMS of the teacher and work alongside this on my own screen was really helpful.

  • Thought the trainer was great. You could tell that it was a bit harder to do the training remotely but I thought she was great at making sure we were all keeping up and she was really good at being able to unpick issues even without seeing the trainees screen. I thought the content was good, it moved on at a good pace and I definitely learnt a lot.

  • The trainer did a great job on running a remote event – I had concerns as to how it could work, but now I have no issues signing up for additional remote training. Very good, had good pace and knew how to pause effectively to account for delay in technology. Made everyone feel comfortable and able to contribute.

  • I was a little worried about doing an online course before the event, but pleased to say the trainer was very good and I learnt a lot

  • Excellent teacher. She taught at a very good pace that was easy to follow. She made sure that everyone understood what she was explaining and made everyone feel at ease to ask questions etc. This is the best training session I have ever attended.

  • What I liked best about this event was being on-line you were focused on the screen and the content, much more focused than if in a room of people. The trainer was really supportive and clear despite this being an on-line course.

  • I was a bit sceptical about how on-line training would cut the mustard compared to the traditional ‘people in a room’ delivery. I was impressed, I could see this method becoming the norm quite quickly.

  • It was a brilliant course and thank you for allowing me to take part.

Feedback – Introduction to SQL Server

  • Clear and concise content. On-line instructions were easy to follow.

  • The tutor had a vast understanding of the subject I now know what SQL is all about. The course put some structure to my fragmented information I had on SQL

  • Wonderful teacher. Being on-line seemed to discourage people from interrupting compared to classroom sessions I have attended which made the day flow better.

  • The ability to be able to still take part in the training from a virtual perspective was great.It was very supportive, organised, explained technical terms in the plain English.

  • Allocated enough time to understand SQL script language how it works.

  • The learning will enable me to approach interrogating the database more confidently. And it has given me an understanding of what SQL can enable me to do regards extracting data in a form I require.

  • Teams presentation – worked really well.

  • Clear and informative instruction, ability to work practically alongside

  • Set up was great given the situation, well organized. Trainer was clear in delivery of the material.

  • I think doing it on-line was very good which I recommended future courses like SQL and Excel to be done on-line rather than a physical classroom.

  • We are using SQL as part of the costing delivery and this understand will help tocheck/run queries on the data quality.

  • My new role in a trust starts in August which requires me to have some SQL knowledge, doing this course has given me confidence to use it going forward.

  • Given that this needed to be delivered virtually, with access to a remote desktop, the trainer provided help and assistance in getting us started and was clear about what the event was going to cover.

  • What did you like best about this event? … How it was explained and organised considering the situation with the corona virus.

  • I thought the way it was delivered virtually was really well handled, seemed to work just as good as in real life!

  • Very professionally driven and covered large depth of knowledge in the time available.

  • Event was excellent with great subject coverage.

  • Highly professional and explained concepts in a clear and understandable manner for all levels of ability.

  • The training was excellent in all respects: the trainer was very engaging, the content was just right for someone without any previous experience of SQL and the pace was perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

  • I found everything most useful as you were able to follow the speaker virtually individually and he could in turn view any errors virtually.

  • The whole day was useful. Given the current climate, the session was seamless, very well delivered, and encountered zero technical problems. Would definitely be happy to attend a virtual course again.

  • An excellent trainer, and has a perfect pace of delivery.

  • The course was run at the right pace and the fact that it was virtual it didn’t make a difference in fact I felt it was better run virtually.

  • Brilliant ! Teaching a mixed ability group across a virtual platform is a real challenge, the trainer was very patient but kept the pace up- we covered lots.

  • I had a real sense of accomplishment when I finished the day, made me very keen to learn more as I was able to apply what I had learnt straight away and have used my notes since Friday.

More feedback will be available shortly for further courses –  PowerPivot and Power BI course reviews to follow shortly!