Power Business Intelligence Tools

Tools to Transform, Analyse & Visualise Data

Power BI transforms your Company’s data into rich visuals so you can focus on what matters to you

The Power BI Education Track

Your whole business on one dashboard

  • Live dashboards provide a 360 degree view of your business
  • Important metrics in one place
  • Explore the data behind the dashboard using intuitive tools
  • Pre-build dashboards to get you up and running quickly

Consistent Data Analysis

  • Build robust, reusable models over your data to provide consistency across reporting and analysis in  your organisation
  • Power BI lets you be productive and creative

Power BI Desktop

  • Combine data from databases, file and web services
  • Visualise and analyse everything in one

New Courses Now Available!

We have recently re-structured all our Power BI courses to make things a little easier with all the options available – we now have a designated flow, rather like our Excel Education Track courses.  We hope that this will deal with any gaps in knowledge offering a full collection of courses now built to enable users to be fully conversant with Power BI.

Course 1 – Introduction to Power BI in a Day!

  • A day of working with the fundamental features of Power BI to get users started using the Power BI Desktop

Course 2 – A Day of Power Query (Query Editor) for Power BI

  • Extending user knowledge of the extensive tools available with the Query Editor within Power BI Desktop

Course 3 – A Day of DAX for Power BI

  • Extending user knowledge of the extensive DAX formula functions available to Power BI Desktop

Course 4 – Power BI Report Building

  • Using a range of the available functionality to create a multiple page report ready to publish to Power BI (Service)

Course 5 – Power BI Report Enhancement

  • Adding more functionality to Power BI Reports

Course 6 – Getting to Grips with the Power BI Service

  • An introduction to the options available via PowerBi.com, and what developers & users can do with reports and live dashboards.

Modular Courses Available!

Power BI Modular – 2.5 Hour Session (2 per day) – Build your First Report with Power BI

Power BI Modular – 1.5 Hour Session (3 per day) – An Overview of Power BI (Demo)

Power BI Modular – 1.5 Hour Session (3 per day) – An Overview of DAX Formulas for Power BI (Demo)

Now available through our Virtual Classroom – contact our Sales Team for more information!